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 Posted: 18 February, 2012

Priya Rai is all dressed for a summer afternoon party.  She`s such a naughty girl though, she can`t
help but show you what she didn`t get dressed!

Priya Rai licks the sweet pussy juice off her finger as she flirts with you from across the party.

Priya Rai is pretty sure she`s got your attention, but wants to make sure you are looking at her
sweet caramel ass and her ultra fuckable pussy that`s peeking out!

Priya Rai spreads her butt cheeks and stares at you, begging you with her eyes to come on over
and slide your dick into her dick garage.

Priya Rai is unstoppable! as if showing you her pussy wasn`t enough, when nobody else is looking,
Priya shows you her titties too!

Priya Rai knows she`s naughty. She also knows you are as hard as a rock from watching her
sweet exhibitionism from across the party way.  She can`t wait to meet you in the bathroom, or
the closet, or that spare bedroom the coats are being piled in so she can  suck your dick and lick
your balls before you shove your massive cock inside her wet tight pussy.

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 Posted: 16 November, 2011

After a wild and crazy pool party, Priya Rai finds it chock full of last nights clothing. She demands her new pool boy clean it out immediately. When he doesn’t do what she wants to her satisfaction, she gets angry and grabs his long pole, which leads to her falling in the pool. Enraged, she shoves him up against the wall and bites his nipples. Hard. Still feeling super hot and angry, she punishes him further by whipping out his big brown cock and spitting furiously on it, before taking the long shaft in her mouth and sucking it. Satisfied that it’s hard enough to fuck the angry out of her, she lets him slide it into her sugary warm brown pussy. She commands him to fuck her the entire time his shaft is between her legs, and only when she’s cum multiple times does she allow him to get off.

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 Posted: 13 November, 2011

Seth pulls a groin muscle during Yoga class. Big tit Yoga Instructer Priya Rai knows this incident could get her in trouble. So to make sure Dave wouldn’t say a word about it, she gave him a special treatment for his injury. Priya oiled up her huge boobs and slides Seth’s big cock in between than till his cock is feeling better. Afterwords Priya sucks it deep in her mouth just to make sure all is well. Dave’s hard cock is feeling a lot better now. Seth decides to test it by fucking Priya Rai standing up. Yup its all good. And for the final test Priya gets on all fours and gets plowed hard doggystyle. Dave passed with flying colors.


 Posted: 13 November, 2011

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Priya climbs on the chair and spreads her ass cheeks, letting you see her bum hole and chocolate cooch!

My huge boobs boss requested three of her employees besides myself to her home for an urgent meeting. Our sales were extremely low for the month and Priya was furious. We arrived not knowing what to expect so it completely caught us off guard when Priya stated that only the person with the biggest dick and balls was going to stay on her team. We had to lay the goods on the table for her to inspect. I was already hard from staring at her huge boobs so Priya was impressed by my big pecker readiness to please. Priya ordered me to shagged her and lets just say that i now have job security.





 Posted: 13 November, 2011

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Priya leaves us with just her blue high heels and necklines.  All naked and ready  to fuck. Those long sexy brown legs and big boobs, beautiful eyes, are just enough to drive most men crazy.




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Priya Rai in the office having a meeting with her employee. It turns out all Priya really wanted to do was suck his fat cock and take it for a ride. This particular employee was more than willing to please his big boobed boss. Giving that extra 10 percent fucking experience just to make sure he had job security.

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 Posted: 13 November, 2011

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Priya Rai enjoys teasing men in front of a camera. Priya is natural and very photo friendly. With her great curves and big tits, Priya Rai is definitely one of the most popular pornstar in the industry.

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