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Full of glitz and glamour, Priya Rai is rocking it up with serious bling Asian style. Daughter of a research engineer near Minneapolis, the sultry seductress is originally from New Delhi, but moved to the United States of America when she was just two years old. In good old American fashion Priya Rai dropped out of University in Tempe to become an adult model, surprisingly with the full support of her parents. The solid support must have had a positive effect as the starlet has recently re-enrolled stating “I love modelling; but someday I may have to do something else.”

Her popularity bloomed on the internet after appearing on, and it was not long before she started her own dedicated website. Since the launch her popularity has continued to grow especially among the American Born Confused Desi market who view the outgoing girl as an inspirational figure. Her attitude towards the sex industry and openness about her own image is another attraction for fans and followers alike, and is evident in her willingness to discuss her naturally svelte figure and obviously fake tits which she acquired in 2007.

Before she took to porn, Priya Rai was a modelling with clothes on, mostly in fashion and swimwear shoots. It was thanks to an encounter with an open minded photographer on a calendar photo shoot that she felt able to express her sexuality with more and more raunchy shots. She says that her line of work is both satisfying and fulfilling, and even admits that she finds the resulting pictures a turn on. It’s not all about nudity and getting her baps out though, the exotic model has specific goals in life that she would like to achieve, namely using meditation to become in tune with her spiritual and sexual energy.


Personal Information

Real Name : aka Priya Anjali Rai
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Nationality :American


Height : 5ft 2in
Breast Size : 34D
Real or Fake :Fake